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About Me

My name is Roshana and Fiji is my mother's homeland.  My love of Fiji's dogs started more than 20 years ago with my Nani's dog Banjo. 

Banjo's easy way of life wasn't a typical pet's life in Fiji.  Significant overpopulation due to a lack of desexing programs, leaves many animals in dire circumstances - malnourished, afraid, and subject to unimaginable cruelty.

Since meeting and falling in love with Banjo, I have become someone who cares deeply about animals and am fortunate that I have two of my own now; two cats called Nelson and Delilah. 

I hope FPS will make a positive difference to animals in Fiji so overpopulation will decrease, and the abuse many suffer, often out of frustration or a lack of understanding of proper animal care, will be erradicated.

Hopefully with the support of people who share these beliefs, FPS will be able to help many of Fiji's most vulnerable animals


My darling Banjo


Me and my Nani in Fiji


My Nelson & Delilah

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