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Greater Good Foundation

The Greater Good Foundation (GGF) is Fiji’s only sanctuary for stray dogs (and a few cats), located 16km west of Lautoka City. 


GGF is home to 150+ rescued dogs, most rescued from situations of hardship and suffering. This is a NO-KILL and NO-REFUSAL sanctuary, accepting dogs who have been surrendered or abandoned, including those who are injured, on death row at city pounds, pregnant or mothers with young babies, ailing elderly strays and abused dogs. 

GGF also does community outreach work, going street-to-street, and door-to-door, providing education and assistance on stray dog management and encouraging holistic healing methods for stray animals and pets alike, with many street dogs treated for minor injuries and skin conditions in-situ.

No dog has ever been put down at GGF due to lack of space, high costs or behavioural issues.

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